How Catholics lie (and distort truth) about Catholic child sex abuse & Homosexuality

One of the great lies of the Catholic church  is that the Catholic child rape scandal was “homosexuality”.   Again, this is promoted in 2014 by “Catholic Answers”, which has a current Facebook following of over 58,000 people.

In the “Myth Busters” blog entry at, they say:

  • Myth:  Pedophile priests have been the problem.
  • Fact:  Homosexual priests have been the problem. Proof: 81 percent of the victims have been male, and more than 95 percent have been postpubescent. When males have sex with postpubescent males, it is called homosexuality.

The lie about the 95% number was exposed in

When priests raped children, it wasn’t “homosexuality”.  It was “child rape”.  It was forced sex with a priest who used the power of God as his weapon.

Worse yet, it was organized child rape, since every priest that raped a child went to Catholic “confession”, where another priest absolves him, despite what Jesus said in Matthew 18:6.  Therefore, that 2nd priest let the child rapist out into the world to rape more children.

In most diocese, it was much worse than that.  Bishops and Monsignors who knew about these child rapists moved them to other parishes.  When they were caught raping children there, they were moved again.

This was organized crime. 

Worse yet, it was organized crime, where Catholic priests used the power of God and the power of the congregation’s faith in their priests to get away with it, because they knew they could get away with it as long as they could hide the truth.  Their Catholic followers would protect the pedophiles, the bishops, and the buildings, and they did exactly that.

In 81% of cases, they were protecting, hiding and moving known homosexual child rapists, so the damage that they were doing to children was amplified by the fact that they were telling everyone how evil homosexuality is, yet the Catholic church has never voluntarily done anything to get psycological help for the victims.

However, by calling it a “homosexual problem”, ignorant Catholics think, “Homosexuality bad”, and if that was the problem, they have been right all along to fight homosexuality!  This is like Satan’s wine for Catholic followers.

Of course, Jesus never said any thing about homosexuality.  Ever.  EVER.  But that will be discussed in another blog entry.

Priests also raped lots of little girls, which will be discussed in Catholic priests raping little girls – their “heterosexual” child sex abuse.

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