Cardinal George, admitted Catholic pedophile protector, dies & is honored

Cardinal George was one of the greatest pedophile protectors in the history of the despicable Catholic church, running Chicago’s Catholic church for 17 years.  However, Catholics honor him with a funeral set for a false king.

He ADMITTED in 2014 that he and his bishops and priests in Chicago had hidden, moved and protected ANOTHER 36 “Jerry Sandusky” priests in addition to the 30 that they admitted earlier in the year, in absolutely BRUTAL defiance of Jesus in Matt 18:6-14.  (Chicago Tribune: Cardinal George admits hiding & protecting 66 pedophile priests).

Of course, those are only the ones that we know about.  Now that he’s dead, he gets to find out about all the others that never came forward.

And, of course, Cardinal George never tried to find and help the victims, in brutal defiance of Jesus in Matt 18:6-14.

He also had enforcers who threatened to “beat child rape victims with a baseball bat”, like Catholic priest Father Ross. (Chicago Tribune: Priest threatens child rape victims)

How appropriate that Archbishop Satan (sp?) did his homily.

Of course, he was also filthy rich, living in a $14 mansion, in complete defiance of Jesus in Matt 19:21.

Cardinal George will now be honored by the Catholic church, who defends and protects 100% of their “confessed” pedo-priests, in BRUTAL defiance of Jesus.  Cardinal George is at the bottom of the ocean for eternity, or worse, according to Jesus Matt 18:6

6 thoughts on “Cardinal George, admitted Catholic pedophile protector, dies & is honored

    1. I didn’t lie, and evidently, you didn’t read it. Father Richard Ross at St. Bernard’s Parish in Joliet, Illinois, which is 42 miles from Chicago, which is why it was in the Chicago Tribune.

      The article says:

      “I don’t have much sympathy for people who somehow couldn’t stop whatever happened,” Richard Ross told the Joliet Herald-News. “I’ll take all of these people who were abused, and I’ll abuse them with a baseball bat. You can quote me on that.”

      Of course, by “people”, he means children who believed that a priest was “Christ on earth” in “God’s church”. Those last 2 things are lies.

      1. I do not remember posting to this article– must have gotten mixed up somewhere– however, the fact that someone wishes to condemn an organization based upon those evil ones who hide amidst it, are not being intellectually honest. The facts are clear about what the Church stands for and its mission; if you wish to denigrate that, be my guest. Do not condemn me for the criminals who hide in my house, anymore than you can condemn all of humanity.

      2. I am condemning your organization because in 100% of cases, you hid known pedophiles, and refused to find and help victims, which is unforgivable according to Jesus in Matthew 18:6-14.

        The Catholic Church is absolutely not a Christian organization, as they have proven, and its followers are accepting that.

      3. all hail your infallibility- perhaps you should read Church History and the story of the lapsi. I am not at foolwer of Novatian, as you are- and history shall/ has proved who indeed has a church

      4. And you will stand before God, defending rampant, organized child rape (Matt 18:6-14) in your filthy rich church (Matt 19:21), in brutal defiance of Jesus.

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