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Catholic Cardinal Dolan, pedophile protector, lies to NY Times

Cardinal Dolan, the biggest (and fattest, coincidentally) cardinal in the US, not only protected his pedophile priest pals, like Father Becker (who raped at least 10 children), he paid them $20K bonuses when they left.

When initially asked about it, Dolan blatantly lied, calling the charges “false, preposterous and unjust.”

Of course, he was lying, and documents later proved that Cardinal Dolan lied to the New York Times about paying bonuses to his pedo pals.

Wolf Of Wall Street, but with pedophilia instead of money.

Pope Francis hides known pedo at Vatican for 2 years until his death

Pope Francis is no different that previous popes.  He actively hides and protects pedophiles just like the others.

The most high profile case is the case of Archbishop Wesolowski, a notorious pedophile who raped countless children in the Dominican Republic and other places, sometimes paying for sex with children.

When the Vatican investigators searched his computer, they found that Archbishop Wesolowski had 100,000 child porn videos.

He left when his accusations became known, and hid in the Vatican, a safe haven for pedophiles and pedophile protectors (like Cardinal Law, Boston leader of the Catholic pedophile syndicate exposed in the movie “Spotlight”).

The Dominican Republic wanted toe Vatican to return Wesolowski to make him stand trial, but the Vatican instead promised their own trial, but Wesolowski died, suspiciously, just before his postponed trial, before the truth might have been exposed.

Thanks to Pope Francis, he did avoid a secular trial, and lived a retirement life in the Vatican for 2 years until his timely death.

Catholic priest admits raping 100+ children, incl his 5 year old brother

Fr Ruben Martinez, Catholic priest in in LA, who recently admitted raping over 100 children, including his 5 year old brother.

This happened under the supervision of Cardinal Roger Mahoney, one of the cardinals who refused to submit a list of pedophile priests for the John Jay report of 2004, which showed that the Catholic church had 4,392 accused pedophile priests in the US alone.  (The Catholic Schuth report of 2013 added another 6,630).

Mahoney eventually settled 508 known cases of Catholic child rape in 2007.

There are a lot of Catholic priests who have raped over 100 children, thanks to the protection of the Catholic church.

Remember that each of these priests “confessed” every one of their child rapes to another priest, and that priest set him free, in brutal defiance of Jesus in Matt 18:6-14.

Pope Benedict said “God was sleeping” during pope’s child rape regime

In Pope Benedict’s farewell address, he literally claimed “God was sleeping” instead of taking responsibility for running the largest organized child rape crime ring in the western world.

Also reported in the NY Daily News, “Lord seemed to sleep”, stunning the followers.

Catholics have tried to blame everyone else for their child rape crimes, but blaming God, really?  And Catholics just sat quietly and accepted it.



Catholic priests who raped over 100 children

Here are some of the Catholic priests who raped over 100 children, and these are just the ones that we know about:

Remember that each of these priests “confessed” every one of their child rapes to another priest, and that priest set him free, in brutal defiance of Jesus in Matt 18:6-14.


Other notables:

Catholic Priest admits child rapes in 1962, church hides docs for 50 years

In another typical story of Catholic pedophile priests, the Catholic church knew that Father Michael Cody in Seattle admitted that “he has molested at least eight girls twelve years of age or younger” in 1962.  SO the Catholic church hide the documentation, set the priest free to rape more children, and he raped at lest 8 more young girls between 1968 and 1975.

When did the Catholic church admit they had documentation about it?  Over FIFTY years later.

More facts:

  • he wasn’t “defrocked” until 2005
  • he died in 2015
  • By 1988, he is estimated to have raped at least 40 girls and one boy
  • he never served a day in jail, thanks to the Catholic church

More at Washington Post Fr Cody, Seattle pedophile priest

Former Catholic priest trainee arrested for attempted baby rape

Not surprised, are you?   In February of 2016, Joel Wright, a former Catholic seminarian, training to be a Catholic priest, was caught by Federal investigators trying to purchase a Mexican baby, under 3 years old, to rape.

He was caught by federal investigators, and was on his way to Tijuana with $2,000 in cash and baby clothes when he was arrested.  He had also tried to adopt a baby in 2014.

More details at “Former Catholic seminarian tries to purchase Mexican baby for sex”

Where would he get such an idea, and who would help him with it?  He was in the Catholic seminary in the months before he left.

It is not uncommon at all for Catholic priests to rape children under 3 years old, and for the church to hide and protect them when they know about it.

The Catholic John Jay report of 2004 shows that the Catholic church found at least 37 cases of priests having sex with children 3 years and under, although the number is probably much higher, since children that age can’t talk about it, and these 37 baby rapists were presumably caught in the act.

If this guy was in the seminary, he may have been surrounded by others.  It’s very likely that there are more victims, and more priests that know about it or that are involved.

Remember, the movie “Spotlight” showed that the Boston Globe found out that the Catholic church had 1 pedophile priest, Fr Geoghan, and when they investigated, found they were hiding at least 271 Catholic pedophile priests in Boston alone, an 18% pedo ratio.

Another high profile baby pedophile priest in the Catholic Church was Father Ratigan last year, documented here.