Proof Catholic child sex abuse is MUCH worse than public schools


The Catholic church has tried to pass down a lie that child sex abuse is worse in public schools than in the Catholic church.  However, all of the articles refer to a Dept Of Education document called the Shakeshaft study, which almost entirely about  non-sexual abuse in public schools.

I’ll show you the report, and the critical parts of the report which prove this.


The Catholic church ADMITTED 4,392 substantiated, accused child sex offending priests in the Catholic church’s own John Jay report of 2004, and that’s just in the US.   No institution in US history is even close.  Of course they lied, and added 6,630 in the USCCB (Catholic Bishops) Schuth report of 2013, Page 10, and that’s just ones they’ve admitted.

Add 4.392 to 6,630 and you get 11,022 child sex offending clery.  Since there were about 100,000 priests over the time of the study, at least 11% of Catholic priests are child sex offenders, and about 60% of those are literally “pedophiles”.

Three issues:

  • These numbers are definitely under-reported.  Catholics make sure that victims aren’t believed, and are humiliated, and most of them won’t come forward.  Most are suicidal anyways, and can’t handle the ridicule.
  • Most of these pedophile priests raped multiple children, and many raped over 100 children
  • The Schuth report does not indicate whether there is overlap between the two numbers, i.e. the 4,392 from the John Jay report and the 6,630 from the Schuth report
  • These are based on accusations.  There is almost never proof of child rape, since all Catholic priests lie about it (unless the Statute Of Limitations has expired), and no one saw them do it, and priests that they “confess” their child rapes to never report it.

No institution is anywhere close, but Catholics will distort the truth to claim it is, usually using “estimates”, “extrapolations”, and guesses.  In other words, just made up numbers.

If you want to “extrapolate”, like Shakeshaft did in one of her studies, extrapolate from Boston, where at least 271 out of 1500 priests were pedophiles, so, through extrapolation, 18% of all Catholic priests are pedophiles.

“Abuse”, mostly non-sexual, in public schools

Catholics often refer to the Shakeshaft studies, which compare Catholic pedophile priest child sex  with verbal “abuse” in public schools, which includes things like:

  • making a sexual joke
  • calling a student “gay”
  • saying “move your ass”
  • swearing

More details:

The full Shakeshaft study can be found at

If you look at the PREFACE of the Shakeshaft Study, in the 4th paragraph, they make it clear that said that Shakeshaft used two terms interchangeably:

  • “child abuse”, which involves some type of sex, and is a crime
  • “sexual misconduct”, which includes inappropriate comments, like swearing, or calling someone “gay”, but isn’t a crime.  It sometimes involved clothed touching.

Catholic priest “child abuse” involved sex, including:

  • oral sex, one way or the other, 25% of the time
  • masturbation 22%
  • “penetration or unspecified sex act” 28% of the time
  • other contact, stripping, rubbing over clothes

Actual percentages can be found in the first chart of the John Jay report referenced above.

Public school “abuse”, which was mostly inappropriate language, therefore only “misconduct”, was discovered by asking students questions in a written test.  The students were asked the following 14 things, only ONE of which includes actual sex.  They can be found on page 17, and are:

  1. Made sexual comments, jokes, gestures, or looks
  2. Showed, gave or left you sexual pictures, photographs, illustrations,
    messages, or notes.
  3. Wrote sexual messages/graffiti about you on bathroom walls, in locker
    rooms, etc.
  4. Spread sexual rumors about you.
  5. Said you were gay or a lesbian.
  6. Spied on you as you dressed or showered at school.
  7. Flashed or “mooned” you.
  8. Touched, grabbed, or pinched you in a sexual way.
  9. Intentionally brushed up against you in a sexual way.
  10. Pulled at your clothing in a sexual way.
  11. Pulled off or down your clothing.
  12. Blocked your way or cornered you in a sexual way.
  13. Forced you to kiss him/her.
  14. Forced you to do something sexual, other than kissing

Note that only #14  is any type of actual sex, although all of them are disgusting and every teacher involved should be fired.  However, none are as bad as a priest having sex with a child, and 60% of priests sexually abusing children pedophilia (with children 13 or under).  See the John Jay report, second chart.

Other critical notes, about public schools in this study:

  • Students were grades 8-11, so most were 14-17, above the cutoff for “pedophilia”.
  • The collection method was asking students in a test (Page 16-17)
    • this is MUCH different than having someone go through the embarrassment of telling the police, the church, or a parent that they were forced to have sex with a priest, knowing they won’t be believed
  • Shakeshaft used another technique called “extrapolation”, so she only studied 225 cases, of which 181 were in New York City, and assumed percentages would be the same nationwide.  It will be filled in later.

Editor’s notes:

  • Any type of sex or inappropriate touching between an adult and a child should be viciously punished, but there’s a huge difference between Catholic pedophile sexual abuse and public school teachers swearing and making inappropriate remarks at 14-17 year olds.
  • Catholics are getting the dishonesty out there, though, and it has spread like wildfire, from the father of all lies.  Most Catholics will reflexively say, “It’s worse in public schools”.
  • You find out the real truth when you die.  If you are Catholic, and are deliberately spreading lies to minimize the impact of child rape on the victims (most of which are suicidal), you are evil, and brutally defying Jesus in Matt 18:6-14

Here is a list of articles, some of which are from credible publications, yet they intentionally distort the truth about this topic:

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