Catholic Priest rapes a DOG, and 22 children

You’re not surprised, are you?  Catholic priests also rape animals, but this guy was actually caught.

As shown in this article, where the Catholic Church hid and protected a priest named Father DeJaeger, a Catholic priest was convicted of raping a dog, 12 boys, and 10 girls.

Remember, this wasn’t just one freak acting alone.  The Catholic Church hid and protected him for 35 years before he was finally convicted.  The article is worth reading to see the types of things that these Catholic priests do, but more importantly, the types of things that the Catholic Church will tolerate of their priests, since he “confessed” every single one of his rapes to at least one other priest.

Some of his techniques included:

  • dangling food in front of hungry children as allure
  • threatening them with hellfire
  • threatening to separate children from their families if they told anyone

Catholics will immediately defend the church, of course, and claimed that this was the only case of its kind.

However, if you read the internal document Crimen sollicitationis, which makes provisions for hiding pedophile priests and silencing the victims, it also makes a special provision for sex with animals.  The document has been around since 1922, so there are enough priests caught having sex with animals that they had to put in this provision.

It essentially says that for the protection of the church, no matter who or what a priest has sex with, everyone must remain silent, using a phrase that would make any non-Catholic-priest puke:

  • “any perpetrated or attempted externally obscene act with pre-adolescent children or brute animals”

In other words, this certainly wasn’t one of the 1st priests to be caught raping an animal.  Not only that, you have to imagine that anyone who does rape an animal makes a concerted effort not to get caught, so this priest and others that rape animals probably raped a lot of them, and never got caught.

Tip: keep your animals away from Catholic priests, and you are ready knew to keep your children away from them.


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