Catholic priests have BY FAR the largest percentage of child sex abusers

Catholics are always trying to convince their followers that Catholic priests do not rape children at a higher rate than other institutions.  In fact, there are a bunch of Catholic apologists that have written opinion pieces for magazines that have spread this lie.

Here are the facts, proving that the Catholic Church has a far higher percentage of child sex offenders, using the Catholic Church’s own reports:

  • In the John Jay study of 2004 about Catholic child sex abuse, the Catholic Church admitted 4,392 accused child sex offending priests in the US alone
    • there were about 100,000 priests throughout the time of the study, so you would think that 4% were abusers
  • however, the Catholic Church quietly did another report for Catholic bishops, called the USCCB Schuth report of 2013 about additional Catholic child sex abuse, where the Catholic Church admitted an additional 6, 630 credibly accused child sex offending priests
    • see Page 10 for the 6,630 number
    • these were just the priests accused after the John Jay report of 2004
  • The total of the 2 numbers is 4,392 + 6,630 = 11,022 child sex offending priests
    • it is not completely clear if there is much overlap between the 2 sets of priests, but this means that the number of child sex offending priests is 11%, unless you can show proof of overlap
  • In the movie “Spotlight”, a team of Boston Globe investigators found that the Catholic Church was hiding 271 known Catholic pedophile priests in Boston alone out of a total of 1500 priests, which is 18%
    • The number and the movie was actually 249, but has been updated to 271, as the link above shows
    • the number 1500 is also from the movie
    • note that the entire investigation started with one pedophile priest named Father Geoghan, who raped over 130 children
    • The investigation then found 4 more, then 13, then 87 (using a brilliant journalistic trick shown in the movie), and confirmed 70 (from the church’s lawyer).
    • The number is now known to be 271.

No other institution in the history of the United States is even close.  In fact, there is only one institution in one city that had a known number of accusations that was higher than 1%, and I know what it is.  If you can find another one with a legitimate source, please put in the comments below.

However, Catholic apologists need some way to distort the truth, so what they will do is to pick:

  • Estimates, extrapolations, and guesses (all made up numbers)
  • Quotes from anyone who will defend the Catholic Church
  • Reports from insurance companies
    • these cannot be validated
    • these also include what you normally hear about Protestant churches, which is voluntary sex between an older teen girl and a young pastor
    • note that it is in the insurance companies interest to boost these numbers so as to raise premiums for all churches

Any comments that just reiterate the above techniques will be denounced or deleted.  We need to compare apples with apples here, so were comparing actual accusations.

Of course, if anyone ever does find another church that committed and condoned organized child rape, all you’ve proven is that they are God’s church either.

The Catholic Church has certainly proven that it is not God’s church, brutally defying Jesus in Matthew 18:6-14, where Jesus said the child rape was unforgivable, and that you should go find and help every victim.

The Catholic Church did the exact opposite of what Jesus would do, hiding known pedophile priests in 100% of cases, and never finding or helping victims unless they were dragged into court, or unless the victim came forward publicly.


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