Father Gordon Macrae, convicted, self-admitted pedophile priest

Father Gordon MacRae is a convicted child sex offending priest in the Catholic Church, but he still has a legion of loyal followers, despite being a self admitted child sex offender, and has a blog from prison called “These stone walls”, which actually has regular daily followers.  In fact, despite the fact that he has admitted sex with children, followers are trying to cast doubts as to whether his current conviction should be upheld.

Here are critical facts that any normal person would want to know about Father McRae, with substantiating sites:

  • from the Sentinal Source Newspaper article about Catholic pedophile priest, Father McRae:
    • in jail for 33-67 years, convicted of sexually abusing one child
    • pleaded GUILTY to sexually abusing 3 others
  • From the Union Leader newspaper about Catholic pedophile priest, Father McRae:
    • pleaded GUILTY to sexually abusing 3 others
    • was accused of sexual abuse by at least 7 (seven) more
    • Before, during and after the 1983 abuse in Hampton, MacRae was molesting three brothers in Keene, whom he befriended while in the seminary in 1979, when the boys were 10, 11 and 14, according to the attorney general’s report.
      • That abuse, … involved fondling, fellatio and sodomy
    • MacRae also admitted to abusing a fourth boy in the St. Bernard rectory in 1987
  • Damning evidence, from the detailed court reports, including his admission of child rape to an evaluating psychologist, about Catholic pedophile priest, Father McRae:
    •  in Dr Guertin-Ouellette’s psych eval in 1988, he said “Father MacRae reported several inappropriate sexual encounters with adolescents.  Although he experiences intense shame and guilt for the behavior, he indicated that he does not feel in control of such behavior.” Page 147
    • A second therapist at Strafford Guidance reached similar conclusions in February 1989: Mr. MacRae appears to fit the description of a fixated sexual offender, a man who has a primary sexual interest in children, usually males, …” Page 148
    • Quinn indicated that he was notified by Dr. GuertinOuellette and Judy Patterson from Catholic Charities that MacRae had “sexually abused two minor males” in Hampton during the past summer. (B3043), Page 132
    • psychological profile that says “Gordon has an unresolved problem of sexual identification as heterosexual adjustment is conceived of as threatening and dangerous.” (B3023-24), Page 130
    • MacRae pled guilty to endangering the welfare of a child in November 1988, as a result of another incident in which MacRae verbally solicited a 14-year-old boy to engage in sexual conduct. (B3328; B8695-96), Page 129
    • pleaded guilty to offering to paying a boy for sex in 1988, and the jurors that convicted him didn’t even know this (Gordon MacRae arrested, November 1988, pleaded guilty, offering to pay a child for sex)
    • spent time in known pedophile priest treatment centers (centers hidden by the church)
    • Prior to this incident, the Diocese was aware that MacRae had engaged in inappropriate sexual contact by kissing and hugging a minor in November 1983. (B3037), Page 129

The main point of the followers trying to get this admitted child sex offender out of jail is that the victim has allegedly said that he was lying about the charges.  However, child rape is humiliating, and there is no legal requirement that the victim has to tell anyone about what happened outside a courtroom.

If it happened to you, how much would you describe being raped by a Catholic priest to your friends?

And if Father Macrae admitted having sex with multiple other children, and pleaded guilty to 3 others, he should be in jail.  He should just change his name to Father Macrape.


2 thoughts on “Father Gordon Macrae, convicted, self-admitted pedophile priest

  1. Not everything … but a good portion of this ‘article’ is simply BS. For starters, Fr. MacRae HAS NEVER admitted to being a pedophile.

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