Catholic church in Altoona, PA hides 115,042 docs about child rape

115,042 docs about Catholic pedophile priest child rape, in tiny Altoona, PA

That number is not a typo.  The numbers would be incomprehensible if this was anyplace other than a Catholic Church, where we expect it.

For Catholics will try to deny the truth, here are the online references:

These documents show that the Catholic Church at least 50 known pedophile priests in the tiny Altoona, Pennsylvania diocese, an area so small that it normally only has 76 priests and 30 deacons at a time.

That’s 50 “Jerry Sandusky” priests, all hidden and protected by multiple co-conspirators in the Catholic Church including other priests, bishops, secretaries, administrators, et cetera.

Catholic judges and law enforcement officials were also involved, like Catholic Judge Patrick Kiniry, who knew about Catholic pedophile priests, but was starstruck by meeting a Catholic Bishop, and he did nothing to either punish the pedophile priests or help the victims, which is the standard practice in his Catholic church.

This is at least 50 times as bad as what happened at Penn State, but these priests were confessing their child rapes to each other, and hiding each other, and documenting it, and hiding the documents.

This was organized crime, where the crime was rampant organized child rape.  Again in the Catholic Church.


Related statistics from Wikipedia:
Catholic Diocese of Altoona–Johnstown
Total Population          678,000
Catholics Population  109,500 (16.2%)
Parishes    88


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