Judge Patrick Kiniry helps Catholic church protect pedophile priests

The priest and the bishops in the Catholic Church will always hide and protect their pedophiles, is they have in 100% of cases worldwide.

However, they also get help from devout Catholics in the community, as we saw in the movie “Spotlight”, where Catholic lawyers and police would either help the church with their pedophiles or ignore it.

Judge Patrick Kiniry from Pennsylvania was instrumental in helping the Catholic Church in Altoona, Pennsylvania hide some of their 50 known, proven pedophiles.  Here is a story from AP:

Kiniry was a DA at the time, and knew all of the details about this serial pedophile priest, but help the church get away with it instead of prosecuting him.

The following story, in Philly magazine, makes it clearer that these were not only devout Catholics, but ones that idolized bishops, and would help them get away with the crime of hiding their known pedophile priests.

Note that in Altoona alone, the Catholic Church hid at least 50 pedophile priests, and had 115,042 private documents containing details of the child sex offending priests that they were hiding.

Why hasn’t this judge been indicted, disbarred, and made part of an FBI investigation into hiding this massive child rape crime syndicate in the Catholic Church?


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