Seattle Catholic church admits at least 77 pedophile priests

In March 2016, the Seattle Times published an article about a Catholic pedophile priest named Father Michael Cody, who eventually admitted raping 41 children, and was protected and hidden by the church for his entire career.

The Catholic church in Seattle had finally posted a list of the 77 pedophile priests that it has known about since the early 1960s.  According to the top comment, it includes priests from every single parish.

It is similar to the Boston Catholic church’s list of 271 known pedophile priests that would still be hidden by the Catholic church today if it weren’t for the movie “Spotlight”.

<“Spotlight” spoiler alert>

What is interesting is that if you look at the frequent reassignment record of a lot of the priests, you can see the exact pattern that they used in Boston, which helped the Spotlight team discover the initial 70 priests for their initial article.

Catholic priests who spent 3 years or less at a church had over an 80% likelihood of being a known pedophile.

In the movie, when they perform this test, they found 87 priests, but they only brought 70 of them to the church lawyer at his home on Christmas in the scene near the end of the movie, where the lawyer circled the list of all 70 priests.

Since then, the Boston Catholic Church has admitted 271 pedophile priests, so that simple test certainly isn’t the only indication.

The article also talks about the Catholic Church’s “secret files”, which every bishop keeps about the Catholic pedophile priests in his archdiocese.  In tiny Altoona, Pennsylvania, the Catholic Church was hiding 115,042 documents about pedophile priests.  That number is not a typo, and can be found through Google.

Specifically, this article talks about the “secret files” for a serial pedophile priest named Fr Michael Cody, who admitted raping 41 children over 20 years, although the real number will never be known.



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