Why true Christians must leave the Catholic church

Catholics are leaving the Catholic church at record speeds, and for good reason.

I left because of the child rape scandal, which showed that the Catholic church acted in brutal defiance of Jesus in Matt 18:6-14, worldwide, consistently, disgustingly, and heartlessly. The fact that they are filthy rich in defiance of Matt 19:21 just made it worse.

The only reason the Catholic church calls itself the “One True Church” is a physical reason, not a spiritual one.  The Catholic church has a physical link of a series of popes (and the Catholic church created “popes”) back to Peter. I think:

  • that “God’s church”, the True Church Of Jesus Christ, is spiritual, not physical
  • would never have a policy of hiding 100% of child rapists, and fighting the victims
  • would never be filthy rich.

Given what I know, I can proudly go before God and say I didn’t support the Catholic church once I knew what they were doing and hiding, and I did What Jesus Would Do.

If God tells you, at your judgement, that the Catholic church is not “God’s church”, and that physical link of popes was superficial and physical, you have no excuse for having supported the Catholic church as it brutally defied What Jesus Would Do.

Some Catholics will lie, and claim that “every church has child rape scandals”, or a similar lie, but it’s just not true.

The way they are distorting the truth is that many churches will have scandals where adults have sex with adults, and the church considers that a scandal.

In some very rare cases, there are churches where an individual member has sex with a child, but the rest of the church does not protect and hide the pedophile, and then moved them someplace else.  If another church does this, you know they are not God’s church by virtue of Matthew 18:6-14.

It’s pretty simple.  Pick a Christian church that does not have a standard policy of protecting known pedophiles, and is not filthy rich, and you don’t have to make excuses that your judgment day.


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