Catholic pedophile priest protected until 2015, Fr Ratigan

A recent high profile pedophile priest in the Catholic Church was Father Ratigan in 2015.  He had pictures on his computer of a staged striptease of a two-year-old girl out of a diaper, with an open crotch shot at the end.  When you hear the Catholic version of the truth, they tell you that it was a relative who was running around naked,

The truth, later revealed in the Graves report, page 90, was that

  • it was not a relative
  • it was an elaborate, staged strip tease
  • in the last shots, she had open crotch shots, until “her genitals were fully exposed”.

Ratigan was also known for looking up little girls skirts, and playing games with them where they would touch him or he would touch them.  Because his target age was so young, it is not known how many victims suffered further damage.

When his bishop, Bishop Finn, heard about it, he said “Boys will be boys”, according to sworn testimony.  Finn then hid him for 6 months until he was found hanging around children again.

The Catholic church then spent $1.4 million in legal fees to keep Bishop Finn out of jail for hiding this known pedophile priest.  “It also spent nearly $2 million in legal fees for civil sex abuse lawsuits, including $287,000 on four suits against the diocese involving Ratigan”, according to the Valenti report, reported int he Kansas City Star.

The Catholic John Jay report of 2004 shows that the Catholic church found at least 37 cases of priests having sex with children 3 years and under, although the number is probably much higher, since children that age can’t talk about it, and these 37 baby rapists were presumably caught in the act.

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