Catholic “confession”, a key component of rampant child rape

Catholic “confession” is a sacrament, which means it was invented by Catholics.  It was not created by Jesus, and is a ridiculous extrapolation of things Jesus said.  A more detailed explanation of the Catholic invention of confession is shown here.

Confession was a key ingredient in the Catholic child rape scandal:

  • it gave every priest instant forgiveness for every child rape
  • priest hearing the confession now got the idea that raping children was ok
    • this allowed the idea to pass from priest to priest
  • priest heard so many confessions of child rape, they assumed that everyone was doing it
  • priests could not tell anyone about the priests that they knew were serial child rapists

However, Jesus said child rape was unforgivable in Matt 18:6-14, and that you should punish every pedophile and find every victim, and the Catholic church did the exact opposite, instead loving their invention of confession, which allowed them to get way with evil.


4 thoughts on “Catholic “confession”, a key component of rampant child rape

  1. A few points to clarify:
    – The Sacraments were instituted by Jesus (see below).
    – Confession is useless without contrition; it is invalid.
    – Priests are not fools; they don’t assume that something is permissible simply because it is common.
    – Priests would never “assume that everyone was doing it [child rape].” Statistics show that child rape is no more prevalent in the Catholic Church than in other institutions.
    – A priest cannot break the seal of confession. If they could, people would probably stop confessing their sins. You may reject this Sacrament, but the truth is that, without it, many struggle with guilt and habitual sin.

    Source: EWTN search sacraments_in_scripture.htm


    1. It’s an absolute lie to say that “the sacraments were instituted by Jesus”. They are an interpretation based on stretching what Jesus said in the gospels, as I made pretty clear. Jesus did NOT give priests the ability to forgive sins, He ONLY gave that to the apostles. Everything after that is a Catholic-invented interpretation.

      It’s an absolute lie to say that “Confession is useless without contrition; it is invalid”. If so, why was Fr Geoghan allowed to rape at least 130 children, and rape some of them multiple times? Why was Cardinal Law allowed to repreatedly hide him, move him and lie about he and 270 other Boston pedos.

      Why is every Catholic today allowed to live every day without punishing the pedophiles and finding the victims (Matt 18:6-14).

      Catholic “confession”, your “Get out of hell free card”, is a Catholic invention, and invalid in the eyes of God, who is not stupid.

      You’re absolutely lying when you say that “Statistics show that child rape is no more prevalent in the Catholic Church than in other institutions”. Prove it, without using “extrapolations” or “guesses”, because I hvae other blog entries which show how Catholic lie about this.

      Now, go do a “confession, and feel like your lies are forgiven!

      1. Thanks for the reply.

        Unfortunately, I will not have time to offer a detailed reply, as I need to pack for a trip.

        I do not deny that there is corruption in the Church, but this is no argument against the holiness of its doctrine, its Founder, its Sacraments, or many of its members.

        There are many excellent books that demonstrate the truths of the faith. If you read ‘Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine’ (Sheehan), for example, many of your objections will be answered.

        There is a difference between a lie and a falsehood. To accuse me (and the Church) of lying, manifests a lack of charity, without which we cannot know God. Don’t be so quick to judge the Church Fathers, canonised Saints, Church Councils, and Catholic apologists, who, throughout the ages have answered many of your objections.


  2. My favorite line in your rant, “There is a difference between a lie and a falsehood”.

    Not in the eyes of God there isn’t, but there is in the eyes of satan and his Catholic church, trying to lower the standards of Christianity so low that billions accept organized child rape.

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