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Catholic pedophile priest protected until 2015, Fr Ratigan

A recent high profile pedophile priest in the Catholic Church was Father Ratigan in 2015.  He had pictures on his computer of a staged striptease of a two-year-old girl out of a diaper, with an open crotch shot at the end.  When you hear the Catholic version of the truth, they tell you that it was a relative who was running around naked,

The truth, later revealed in the Graves report, page 90, was that

  • it was not a relative
  • it was an elaborate, staged strip tease
  • in the last shots, she had open crotch shots, until “her genitals were fully exposed”.

Ratigan was also known for looking up little girls skirts, and playing games with them where they would touch him or he would touch them.  Because his target age was so young, it is not known how many victims suffered further damage.

When his bishop, Bishop Finn, heard about it, he said “Boys will be boys”, according to sworn testimony.  Finn then hid him for 6 months until he was found hanging around children again.

The Catholic church then spent $1.4 million in legal fees to keep Bishop Finn out of jail for hiding this known pedophile priest.  “It also spent nearly $2 million in legal fees for civil sex abuse lawsuits, including $287,000 on four suits against the diocese involving Ratigan”, according to the Valenti report, reported int he Kansas City Star.

The Catholic John Jay report of 2004 shows that the Catholic church found at least 37 cases of priests having sex with children 3 years and under, although the number is probably much higher, since children that age can’t talk about it, and these 37 baby rapists were presumably caught in the act.

Vatican tells new Catholic bishops they don’t have to report child rape

The Catholic Church is still trying to hide child rape in 2016, after running the largest organized child rape crime syndicate in the western for centuries.

In February of 2016, Newsweek and others reported that the Vatican was teaching their new bishops that it was not their job to report known pedophile priests to the police.

During a presentation for newly appointed bishops, French Monsignor Tony Anatrella said they don’t have a duty to report abuse because it should be the responsibility of victims and their families to go to the police. The comments were first reported by pro-Catholic John L. Allen at the pro-Catholic news site earlier this week.

Pope Francis and the Catholic “Year of mercy”

All criminals want mercy.  Satan wants mercy:

  • Jerry Sandusky wanted mercy
  • Saddam Hussein wanted mercy
  • Osama Bin Laden wanted mercy

Mercy is the easy part.

Pope Francis is calling 2016 the “Year Of Mercy”, as it is becoming more publicly known that the Catholic church ran the largest organized child rape crime syndicate in the history of the western world.

Jesus said you do NOT get mercy if you rape children (Matt 18:6-14).

You get a rock around your neck at the bottom of the ocean, or worse.

Sorry, Pope Francis, no mercy for you or the Catholic church, or its followers.

How Catholics lie about child sex crisis being over

It isn’t over for the victims.  The Catholic church and its followers are so cold and heartless that they will distract you from this fact.

Also, it is a sin every single day the Catholic church and their followers don’t seek the truth, don’t punish the pedophiles, and don’t get help for the victims, and it’s unforgivable according to Jesus (Matt 18:6-14).

If you are a Christian, think about what happened to these children, and don’t stop just because it gets uncomfortable.  They had to live through it.  If you ignore it now, God will show you at your judgement.  Here is what happened:

  • these children were good, young Catholic children, mostly altar boys, but really from all ages and both sexes

The Catholic Church ran the largest organized child sex crime syndicate in the history of the United States, and hid it until 2002, when they were finally exposed.

They were pressured to do a voluntary study, called the John Jay report of 2004, where they admitted show 4,392 substantiated, accused child sex offending priests in the U.S. alone.  Those were just the ones they admitted.   Some diocese didn’t report, and the Catholic church never admitted a child sex offender unless a victim came forward.  Over 15,000 victims had the courage to come forward, knowing that the Catholic church, its priests, and congregation would say they were lying.  Many victims never came forward because they knew they wouldn’t be believed.

As of 2013, the number of child sex offending (pedophile) priests in the US is known to be 11,022.  And those are just the ones we know about.

You find out exactly how many pedophile priests there were when you die.  And you have to answer to God about whether you did everything to “seek the truth”, or if you picked the quickest lie.

Since the Catholic church was caught and exposed, they have raped less, and expect credit for it.  They will even lie and say “it’s over”.  It’s certainly not over for the victims, but Catholics are too cold and heartless to see that or to care.

For example,  that dishonesty is spread in 2014, from “Catholic Answers”, which has a current Facebook following of over 58,000 people.

Read their “Myth Busters” blog entry at the CATHOLIC.COM website, and the 3rd “Myth & Fact” combo reads as follows:

Myth: The problem is on-going.

Fact: The homosexual scandal took place mostly between the mid-1960s and the mid-1980s. In the last ten years, the average number of credible accusations made against 40,000 priests is in the single digits.

Catholics could literally cure hunger for 10 cents per Catholic per day

Jesus said it in so many Gospels: feed the hungry, cure the sick.

Catholic could literally cure hunger for 10 cents per Catholic per day, but they don’t.  Here is the math:

If you Google:

  • how much would it cost to cure world hunger

the cost is $30 Billion.  (See cost to cure world hunger)

There are a 1.2 billion Catholics.  If every Catholic paid 10 cents per day, that would be $36.50 per year, times 1.2 billion is $43.8 billion, leaving a lot of money left over.

Google: How many people die of hunger each day?

  • and the answer is 21,000 people.

I’ve discussed this with Catholics, who immediately come up with excuses they think are ok with God and Jesus:

  1. Catholic church does more than anyone (and that’s enough)
  2. Not everyone can afford the 10 cents per day
  3. Did you do it?

My responses:

  1. I can’t imagine going before God with the Catholic list of excuses, so I’m no longer Catholic.  To say “the Catholic church does more than anyone” can’t be proven, for one thing, since they keep their finances secret.  Secondly, Jesus never said “God’s church should stop when it does more than anyone, and it’s ok for 21,000 people to die.
  2. It’s true that not everyone can afford the 10 cents per day, but this is a lame excuse.  Richer Catholics should pay more.  If 10% of Catholics paid $1 per day, or 1% of Catholics paid $10 per day, Catholics could cure hunger.  They don’t even try.
  3. Catholics love to blame everyone else, so one response is, “why don’t you do it”?  For one thing, I give $500-$1000 to a hunger charity every year, bit I never called myself “God’s church”.

Jesus made it clear in Matt 19:21 that to “be perfect”, you should sell all your possessions to feed the poor.  Instead, the Catholic church is literally the most filthy rich church on the planet.

“Spotlight” movie review about Catholic church child sex crimes

The movie “Spotlight” shows how difficult it is to get the truth out of an organized crime syndicate.  A team of Boston journalists worked tirelessly to find out that the Catholic church knowingly was running a massive organized childrape crime syndicate in Boston and around the world back in a time when the Catholic Church had a powerful influence.  It also shows how Catholic followers tried to help the church get away with it.

Make no mistake, Spotlight is a movie about organized crime, featuring the Catholic church, the largest organized childrape crime syndicate in the history of the US, and in BRUTAL defiance of Jesus in Matt 18:6-14, where Jesus said childrape was unforgivable.

This movie shows how the Catholic church exhibited the same “code of silence” that the mafia has (without the honor), as they were protecting at least 249 “confessed” pedo-priests in Boston.

The pedo-priests in the Catholic church raped over 1,000 children in Boston alone, thanks to at least 249 pedophile priests, hidden and protected by hundreds of other priests, including Cardinal Law.   (Only 90 were known at the time of the movie, but credits at the end show 249, and the number is now at least 271 Boston pedophile clergy).

The Catholic church admitted 4,329 substantiated, accused pedophile priests in the US in their own John Jay report of 2004, and of course, they lied.  Since 2004, they have found an ADDITIONAL 6,630 pedo-priests according to the USCCB Schuth report of 2013.

And the Catholic church hid & protected 100% of their known pedo-priests, worldwide (Matt 18:6-14).  Cowardly, rampant, unforgivable evil, in brutal defiance of Jesus.

Catholic church is the “One True Church Of Jesus Christ”? Nonsense.

Catholics robotically say that the Catholic church is:

  1. “One True Church Of Jesus Christ”
  2. “Christ’s only church”
  3. “The one, holy, and apostolic church”
  4. and some others, as if it is an exclusive club.

this is completely contrary to what Jesus said in Matthew 18:19-20, where He said the famous words, “For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.”

In other words, not “just” in Catholic churches.

The ONLY link the Catholic church has to the church that Jesus started is a physical link, a series of popes.  Catholics invented the concept of a popes, a single leader that is many levels above everyone else.

Jesus denounced this concept in Matthew 23:5-8, where He was almost mocking the Catholic popes, cardinals, and bishops of today.

However, the Catholic church BRUTALLY defies Jesus in many regards, including:

  1. Rampant, organized child rape, which Jesus said was unforgivable in Matt 18:6-14
  2. Filthy riches (Matt 19:21)
  3. Priests signing an oath to their bishops which overrides their oath to God Himself
    1. overriding the very First Commandment

If God tells you, at your judgement, that the Catholic church is not “God’s church”, and that physical link of popes was superficial and physical, you have no excuse for having supported the Catholic church as it brutally defied What Jesus Would Do.  It’s pretty simple.  Pick a Christian church that does not have a standard policy of protecting known pedophiles, and is not filthy rich, and you don’t have to make excuses that your judgment day.

True Christians leaving the Catholic church in record numbers

That makes sense as the child rape scandal, and the Catholic church’s policy to hide every known pedophile priest, and fight every victim, in brutal defiance of Jesus in Matt 18:6-14, comes to light.
More statistics from the article, many of which are based on a Pew Research study done in 2014 and released in 2015:
  • for every 1 Catholic convert, more than 6 Catholics leave the church
  • number of Catholics in the United States dropped by 3 million since 2007
  • Catholicism loses more members than it gains at a higher rate than any other denomination, with nearly 13 percent of all Americans describing themselves as “former Catholics.”
  •  the average Catholic is getting a bit older, with the median age of 49, up 4 years
  • The share of Massachusetts Catholics dropped 9 percentage points since the last survey in 2007
From a study by Marshall, “80% of Catholics are no longer Catholic by the time they turn 23“, where many of the statistics come from :
  • Only 30 percent of Americans who were raised Catholic are still practicing (p. 24).
  • 10 percent of all adults in America are ex-Catholics, about 30 million people (p. 25).
  • Nearly 80 percent of cradle Catholics are no longer Catholic by the age of 23 (p. 33)
And that’s before everyone sees “Spotlight”, the Oscar winning movie that shows the truth about the Catholic church hiding 271 known pedophile priests in Boston alone, and using all of its power to hide them and to bully the victims.
Want to see a truer barometer? How full was your church last Sunday, and what about other Catholic churches that you’ve in the country (assuming you’ve gone on days other than Christmas Easter, et cetera)?
Boston’s largest church, the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, is rarely more than 10% full, even for the busiest mass on Sunday.

Why true Christians must leave the Catholic church

Catholics are leaving the Catholic church at record speeds, and for good reason.

I left because of the child rape scandal, which showed that the Catholic church acted in brutal defiance of Jesus in Matt 18:6-14, worldwide, consistently, disgustingly, and heartlessly. The fact that they are filthy rich in defiance of Matt 19:21 just made it worse.

The only reason the Catholic church calls itself the “One True Church” is a physical reason, not a spiritual one.  The Catholic church has a physical link of a series of popes (and the Catholic church created “popes”) back to Peter. I think:

  • that “God’s church”, the True Church Of Jesus Christ, is spiritual, not physical
  • would never have a policy of hiding 100% of child rapists, and fighting the victims
  • would never be filthy rich.

Given what I know, I can proudly go before God and say I didn’t support the Catholic church once I knew what they were doing and hiding, and I did What Jesus Would Do.

If God tells you, at your judgement, that the Catholic church is not “God’s church”, and that physical link of popes was superficial and physical, you have no excuse for having supported the Catholic church as it brutally defied What Jesus Would Do.

Some Catholics will lie, and claim that “every church has child rape scandals”, or a similar lie, but it’s just not true.

The way they are distorting the truth is that many churches will have scandals where adults have sex with adults, and the church considers that a scandal.

In some very rare cases, there are churches where an individual member has sex with a child, but the rest of the church does not protect and hide the pedophile, and then moved them someplace else.  If another church does this, you know they are not God’s church by virtue of Matthew 18:6-14.

It’s pretty simple.  Pick a Christian church that does not have a standard policy of protecting known pedophiles, and is not filthy rich, and you don’t have to make excuses that your judgment day.

Catholic “Pedophile priest paradise” in Alaska

The Catholic Church is famous for taking their known pedophile priests and moving them to places where they are unknown.  Of course these priests go onto rape more children, and the Catholic Church moves them again.

In an article in the Seattle Newspaper, The Stranger called “The pedophiles paradise”“, they show examples of multiple multiple pedophile priests raping children in Alaska after they were discovered raping children in the United States, and they show some of the suicidal victims that were affected.

A few highlights from the article:

  • 15 year old Rachel testified that Father James  Poole had given her gonorrhea, and by 1978 she was pregnant with his child. In an interview with The Stranger, she said Poole encouraged her to get an abortion and tell the doctors she had been raped by her father.
  • 15-year-old Rachel Mike tried to kill herself for the 3rd time after being raped by a Catholic pedophile priest, Father James Poole
  • Father George Endal, allegedly walking in on another priest performing oral sex on a 6-year-old boy and doing nothing to stop it. Endal is accused of raping or molesting several boys.
  • Father James Poole—a popular priest, radio personality on KNOM, and, according to allegations in at least five lawsuits, serial child rapist. Father Poole has never been convicted of a crime, but the Jesuits have settled numerous sex-abuse claims against him since 2005, in excess of $5 million
  • According to the allegations, Father Joseph Lundowski molested or raped James Does 29, 59–71, and 73–94, plus Janet Does 4–7—a total of 40 children—giving them “hard candy, money he stole from the collection plate, cooked food, baked goods, beer, sacramental wine, brandy, and/or better grades (silver, blue, or gold stars) on their catechism assignments in exchange for sexual favors.”
  • Roosa tells a story about Poole molesting a 9-year-old girl in Portland, Oregon, while simultaneously having an affair with the girl’s mother. Poole supposedly told the girl’s mother he would quit the priesthood and marry her, but abruptly returned to Alaska. The girl’s mother committed suicide. According to Wall and Roosa, that same girl says she was molested by another priest, one who has been listed in at least three settlements in cases that reach back to the 1960s. They say that, in one incident, this priest was called to a house in Yakima to administer last rites to a dying woman in 1989. “He raped the woman on her deathbed,” Roosa says. “He told the family to go into the other room, the husband heard a weird noise, went into the bedroom, and caught him raping his unconscious wife.”
  • they knew of 345 cases of molestation in Alaska by 28 perpetrators who came from at least four different countries.

The res of the article is just as sickening, and shows the organized evil of the Catholic church.