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Catholic “confession”, a key component of rampant child rape

Catholic “confession” is a sacrament, which means it was invented by Catholics.  It was not created by Jesus, and is a ridiculous extrapolation of things Jesus said.  A more detailed explanation of the Catholic invention of confession is shown here.

Confession was a key ingredient in the Catholic child rape scandal:

  • it gave every priest instant forgiveness for every child rape
  • priest hearing the confession now got the idea that raping children was ok
    • this allowed the idea to pass from priest to priest
  • priest heard so many confessions of child rape, they assumed that everyone was doing it
  • priests could not tell anyone about the priests that they knew were serial child rapists

However, Jesus said child rape was unforgivable in Matt 18:6-14, and that you should punish every pedophile and find every victim, and the Catholic church did the exact opposite, instead loving their invention of confession, which allowed them to get way with evil.


Catholic “confession”, a Catholic invention, NOT created by Jesus

Catholic “confession” is a sacrament, which means it was invented by Catholics.  It was not created by Jesus, and is a ridiculous extrapolation of things Jesus said.

Jesus said in John 20:23 that “Those sins you forgive are forgiven, and those sins you don’t forgive aren’t forgiven”.   He was talking to the apostles and everyone in the that room, which probably including Mary Magdalene, who brought Jesus to the apostles after He rose from the dead.

What Jesus meant isn’t 100% clear.  Catholics extrapolated that to mean that this would apply to all Catholic priests forever, since Jesus passed control of the church to Peter, who Catholics call the first “pope”, and they think all priests forever also get the power of confession that the apostles did.  In addition, priests are the only ones that could administer forgiveness, through their invention of confession, for the rest of time.

The rules of confession are sinister:

  • you confess your sins regardless of how evil
  • you do not have to help the people that you harmed
  • you are forgiven
  • the priest you told the confession to can’t tell anyone

In other words, if you rape a child, and cause a lifetime of psychological damage, you’re clear in 15 minutes.
This is in brutal defiance of Jesus, as you would expect, if you have any kind of personal relationship with Jesus.

Note that the 2nd part of John 20:23 makes it clear that some sin’s aren’t forgiven, and in Matt 18:6, Jesus says harming children is not forgiven.  The Catholic invention of confession brutally defies this.  Jesus is more clear in Matt 18:6-14, where He then goes on to say that you should find every victim and get them help.  Catholic priests and followers never did that at all.

Believe what you want about confession, but it is an invention that allows people to get away with pure evil with no accountability, and it is the reason the whole Catholic church can get away with rampant child rape, in unforgivable defiance of Jesus in Matt 18:6-14.  It looks like an invention of the devil, allowing you to get away with pure evil in a 15 minute ceremony.

Feel free to ask any Catholic the “Hitler” question: “If Hitler, after killing 6.2 million Jews, and destroying millions of families, homes, and property, did a confession 15 minutes before he died, would he go to heaven?”

Catholics will robotically nod yes, qualifying it with the fact that he would have to truly be sorry.  Hitler, forgiven, in 15 minutes, and off to heaven.

Another belief

In John 20:23, when Jesus was talking to everyone in the room, He may have meant that if someone sins against you, YOU get to decide if they are forgiven, not a 3rd party.  And if someone sins against you, they must ask forgiveness from YOU.

However, Catholic priests took this power for themselves, and used to charge money for confession.

Catholics fight for “religious liberty”, but they already have it

Catholics are fighting the US Government for “religious liberty”, and getting their followers to whine along with them.

They already have religious liberty, but what they want is to shove their religion down everyone else’s throat.  NO ONE is stopping Catholics from the freedom to do what they want to do to themselves or for themselves.  However, some US laws are forcing Catholics to do things for others, in their hospitals and businesses (all of which are either federally funded or tax exempt), that Catholics don’t want to do.

The main issues that they are fighting, all of which are legal according to the laws of the United States, are:

  • gay marriage
  • abortion
  • birth control

If you run a federally funded business, or a tax exempt one (which is implicitly federally funded), then you must provide the legal services that other organizations provide.  If you don’t want to, you have the freedom to get out of that business.

However, all of these things that Catholics are fighting for distract them from the fact that they rand the largest organized child rape crime syndicate in US history.

Muslims have liberty to practice their religion, but if they want to run a hospital, they don’t get to say women can’t get health care without a burka on.  God Bless America.

Great article on “Religious Freedom – 10 questions”

Catholic pedophile priest protected until 2015, Fr Ratigan

A recent high profile pedophile priest in the Catholic Church was Father Ratigan in 2015.  He had pictures on his computer of a staged striptease of a two-year-old girl out of a diaper, with an open crotch shot at the end.  When you hear the Catholic version of the truth, they tell you that it was a relative who was running around naked,

The truth, later revealed in the Graves report, page 90, was that

  • it was not a relative
  • it was an elaborate, staged strip tease
  • in the last shots, she had open crotch shots, until “her genitals were fully exposed”.

Ratigan was also known for looking up little girls skirts, and playing games with them where they would touch him or he would touch them.  Because his target age was so young, it is not known how many victims suffered further damage.

When his bishop, Bishop Finn, heard about it, he said “Boys will be boys”, according to sworn testimony.  Finn then hid him for 6 months until he was found hanging around children again.

The Catholic church then spent $1.4 million in legal fees to keep Bishop Finn out of jail for hiding this known pedophile priest.  “It also spent nearly $2 million in legal fees for civil sex abuse lawsuits, including $287,000 on four suits against the diocese involving Ratigan”, according to the Valenti report, reported int he Kansas City Star.

The Catholic John Jay report of 2004 shows that the Catholic church found at least 37 cases of priests having sex with children 3 years and under, although the number is probably much higher, since children that age can’t talk about it, and these 37 baby rapists were presumably caught in the act.

Vatican tells new Catholic bishops they don’t have to report child rape

The Catholic Church is still trying to hide child rape in 2016, after running the largest organized child rape crime syndicate in the western for centuries.

In February of 2016, Newsweek and others reported that the Vatican was teaching their new bishops that it was not their job to report known pedophile priests to the police.

During a presentation for newly appointed bishops, French Monsignor Tony Anatrella said they don’t have a duty to report abuse because it should be the responsibility of victims and their families to go to the police. The comments were first reported by pro-Catholic John L. Allen at the pro-Catholic news site earlier this week.

Pope Francis and the Catholic “Year of mercy”

All criminals want mercy.  Satan wants mercy:

  • Jerry Sandusky wanted mercy
  • Saddam Hussein wanted mercy
  • Osama Bin Laden wanted mercy

Mercy is the easy part.

Pope Francis is calling 2016 the “Year Of Mercy”, as it is becoming more publicly known that the Catholic church ran the largest organized child rape crime syndicate in the history of the western world.

Jesus said you do NOT get mercy if you rape children (Matt 18:6-14).

You get a rock around your neck at the bottom of the ocean, or worse.

Sorry, Pope Francis, no mercy for you or the Catholic church, or its followers.

How Catholics lie about child sex crisis being over

It isn’t over for the victims.  The Catholic church and its followers are so cold and heartless that they will distract you from this fact.

Also, it is a sin every single day the Catholic church and their followers don’t seek the truth, don’t punish the pedophiles, and don’t get help for the victims, and it’s unforgivable according to Jesus (Matt 18:6-14).

If you are a Christian, think about what happened to these children, and don’t stop just because it gets uncomfortable.  They had to live through it.  If you ignore it now, God will show you at your judgement.  Here is what happened:

  • these children were good, young Catholic children, mostly altar boys, but really from all ages and both sexes

The Catholic Church ran the largest organized child sex crime syndicate in the history of the United States, and hid it until 2002, when they were finally exposed.

They were pressured to do a voluntary study, called the John Jay report of 2004, where they admitted show 4,392 substantiated, accused child sex offending priests in the U.S. alone.  Those were just the ones they admitted.   Some diocese didn’t report, and the Catholic church never admitted a child sex offender unless a victim came forward.  Over 15,000 victims had the courage to come forward, knowing that the Catholic church, its priests, and congregation would say they were lying.  Many victims never came forward because they knew they wouldn’t be believed.

As of 2013, the number of child sex offending (pedophile) priests in the US is known to be 11,022.  And those are just the ones we know about.

You find out exactly how many pedophile priests there were when you die.  And you have to answer to God about whether you did everything to “seek the truth”, or if you picked the quickest lie.

Since the Catholic church was caught and exposed, they have raped less, and expect credit for it.  They will even lie and say “it’s over”.  It’s certainly not over for the victims, but Catholics are too cold and heartless to see that or to care.

For example,  that dishonesty is spread in 2014, from “Catholic Answers”, which has a current Facebook following of over 58,000 people.

Read their “Myth Busters” blog entry at the CATHOLIC.COM website, and the 3rd “Myth & Fact” combo reads as follows:

Myth: The problem is on-going.

Fact: The homosexual scandal took place mostly between the mid-1960s and the mid-1980s. In the last ten years, the average number of credible accusations made against 40,000 priests is in the single digits.