About “God isn’t stupid”

This blog is dedicated to a friend of mine who was raped by a Catholic priest and eventually committed suicide because of it.  The Catholic church knew about it because pedophile priests always confessed their child rapes in confession, and another priest told him he was absolved, in absolute, brutal denial of What Jesus Said in Matthew 18:6-14.

Of course, Catholic bishops worldwide always relocated known child rapists to other parishes where they usually raped more children until they were moved again.  This was organized crime.

Catholics will try to minimize the psychological damage that happens when a child is raped by a Catholic priest (who call themselves “Christ on earth”), but its worse than getting raped by Superman and Santa Claus combined.  The children go through amazing horrifying physical pain, but the psychological impact is unimaginable.  The child doesn’t think about anything else for years, and rarely goes an hour in their entire lives without thinking about it.  Many are driven to suicide, including 40 in Australia that were raped by Brother Robert Charles Best and Father Gerald Ridsdale.

Catholics never, ever did the one thing Jesus Would Do – find every victim, and get them help.

As Jesus said in Matthew 18:6, Catholics will not be forgiven for supporting the church that committed, concealed and condoned child rape using the power of God as their weapon.

God isn’t stupid.

1 thought on “About “God isn’t stupid”

  1. What writes this garbage? I bet it’s Patrick O’Malley, who will believe anything negative about the Catholic Church without stopping to consider that it mightn’t be true. God isn’t stupid, but this web site sure is.

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