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Catholic pedo priest Fr McDonagh raped over 100 little girls

Catholic pedophile priest Fr Patrick McDonagh raped over 100 little girls between the ages of 6 and 9 and abused them while visiting their family homes.  Of course, the Catholic church hid and protected him 100% of the time, and 100% of the way, as he confessed his child rapes to other priests, and they set him free to rape some more.

During a career spanning more than 50 years, the priest sought out girls between the ages of 6 and 9 and abused them while visiting their family homes.   “Fr. A would stop visiting families when their daughters turned 10 years of age, as they were then outside his preferred target age group,” the report said.

He was finally convicted in 2007 of sexually abusing several girls and died two years later.

Are Catholics trying to find and help other victims?  Of course not, despite the fact that Jesus said in Matt 18:10-14 that you should find every sheep that leaves the flock.

Did Catholics punish Fr Patrick McDonagh?  Of course not.  They helped him get away with it for 50 years.

Catholic pedo Brother Steven Baker raped over 100 children

Catholic pedophile priest  Brother Steven Baker raped over 100 children thanks to being protected and hidden and moved by the Catholic leaders that knew about his rampant child rape.

Brother Stephen Baker killed himself in 2013 — with two knives to the heart — after church officials in Youngstown, Ohio, announced they were settling lawsuits by 11 former students who said Baker abused them at schools in Ohio from 1986 to 1990.

Brother Baker also raped more than 25 students at Bishop McCort High School in Johnstown in the 1990s.

Most victims of child rape by Catholic pedophile priests are suicidal at some point in their lives.

Are Catholics trying to find and help other victims, including ones other than the 17 that we know about?  Of course not, despite the fact that Jesus said in Matt 18:10-14 that you should find every sheep that leaves the flock.

Did Catholics punish Brother Baker?  Of course not.

Catholic group gives out Cardinal Law award for pedophile protection

Remember Cardinal Law from Boston in the movie “Spotlight”?   He helped hide and protect the 249 pedophile priests that the Boston Catholic archdiocese was moving, hiding, and protecting as they raped well over 1,000 children.

According to Jesus, Cardinal Law should spend the rest of his life at the bottom of the ocean with a rock around his neck (Matt 18:6-14).

Instead, the Knights Of Columbus, a Catholic group, is now giving out the Cardinal Law scholarship award in 2016, over 15 years after they knew he was hiding and protecting known pedophiles, even though Jesus said that was unforgivable (Matt 18:6-14).

After all, the Catholic church gave him a dream retirement at the Vatican, like the mafia would give a “made man”.

Catholic church admits at least 71 pedo priests in Baltimore

The Catholic church now admits that they hid and protected at least 71 pedophile priests in Baltimore alone.

In 2002, they had temporarily published a list of 57 known pedophile priests, but of course they were lying.   The more recent, more accurate number, as of May 2016, is that the Catholic church hid and protected at least 71 pedophile priests in Baltimore.

Standard Catholic lie: less than 1% of priests are child sex abusers

It is a standard Catholic lie to say that “less than 1% of priests are child sex abusers”.  It makes Catholics feel better to say this, which minimizes the problem.  It’s also a blatant lie.  No one knows the exact number, except the church itself, which never tells the truth about it.

However, here is the evidence that the real number is between 2% and 18%.

The John Jay report, which was produced with information supplied by the Catholic Church, the third paragraph said that 4% of priests (4,392 of 100,000) were accused pedophiles.

Then the Catholic Church came out with the USCCB Schuth report of 2013 that added another 6,630 pedo priests, making the number about 11%.

Even Pope Francis himself admitted that 2% of priests were pedophiles in the Wall Street Journal article.

“Spotlight” showed that 18% of priests in Boston (271/1500) were pedophiles.

So the number is:

  • at least 2%, if you believe the Pope
  • 11%, if you believe the Catholic Church’s reports
  • 18%, if you believe the “Spotlight” team, the only institution to actively investigate the Catholic Church

In other words, if you don’t seek the truth, Catholic evangelists will blatantly lie to you, while claiming the Catholic Church is “God’s church”.

Current count of Catholic pedophile priests found in Boston: 278

In the movie “Spotlight”, journalists from the Boston Globe knew that there was one pedophile priest that the Catholic church had been hiding.

As they investigated, the number jumped to 4, then 13, then 70.  By the end of the film, it was 249, but the number has gone up since then.

278 known Catholic pedophile priests, 18.5% of the 1500 Boston priests

The current number of known Catholic pedophile priests in Boston over the last 50 years is 278, larger than any other institution in any city in American history, by far

and that only includes the ones that the Catholic church admitted.  There are definitely more that we don’t know about because:

  • the victims never came forward
  • Catholic priests have obviously never voluntarily told the truth about it

You find out the actual number when you die.





“Spotlight”: HOW investigators discovered Catholic pedophile priests

This article contains spoilers about the movie “Spotlight”.

In the movie “Spotlight”, journalists from the Boston Globe struggle to get the truth out of the Catholic church, which is proving to be almost impossible.  They realize that if a priest was accused of child rape, and he was moved frequently, or was “classified” in one of a few specific categories, they are much more likely to be known pedophile priests moved by the Catholic church.

Reassignment frequency

The Spotlight team is told that most priests are reassigned every 7-8 years.  However, known pedophile priests were reassigned in 3 years or less.

Assignment classifications

The Spotlight team also found that known pedophile priests were given the following “designations” or “classifications”:

  • unassigned
  • absent on leave
  • sick leave
  • emergency response
  • lent/leased to a parish
  • put into “treatment centers”, which are actually pedophile treatment centers

Boosts count from 13 suspected pedophile priests to 70 known pedophile priests

At one point in the movie, they suspect that there are 13 pedo priests in Boston.  When they look for priests with these suspicious reassignment record, or assignment “categories”, they find 87 priests, which is near the 6% that Richard Sipe (on the phone in the movie) predicted in 2001 based on his statistics at the time.  Out of the 87 priests, 70 are confirmed by Jim Sullivan, the lawyer for the church, at the end of the movie.

Therefore, based on that sample, if a priest

  • has been reassigned in less than 3 years
  • was ever given any of the classifications above, or was ever in a treatment center

there is an 80.4% chance (70/87) that they are a known pedophile priest.

However, those aren’t the only pedophile priests:

and that only includes the ones that the Catholic church admitted.  There are definitely more that we don’t know about because:

  • the victims never came forward
  • Catholic priests have obviously never voluntarily told the truth about it

You find out the actual number when you die.





Catholic church hides priest who is only murder suspect (John Feit)

John Feit, a former Catholic priest, has always been the only suspect int he 1960 murder of a schoolteacher and beauty queen named Irene Gaza.  Finally, almost 50 years later, he is being indicted and will face justice.

A grand jury in Hidalgo County, Texas, decided there was enough new evidence to charge that Feit, “with malice aforethought, (caused) the death of Irene Garza by asphyxiation in a manner and means unknown to the grand jury.”

Disturbing facts in the case (from CNN: Ex-priest John Feit arrested in Irene Garza murder case):

  • Garza was last seen alive the night before Easter 1960, when Feit heard her confession at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in McAllen, Texas.
  • Five days later, searchers found the body of the 25-year-old former Miss South Texas facedown in a canal.
  • 24 days before the killing, Feit had been arrested for attacking another young woman at a church in a town about 10 miles from McAllen, and a judge found him guilty
  • At the time, It was unthinkable that a Catholic priest would commit such a crime
  • From New York Times: Ex-priest John Feit arrested in killing:

    •  Her body surfaced in the canal. Divers drained its waters, recovering a clunky slide viewer with a long black cord that the police presumed had been tied to Ms. Garza’s corpse so it would sink to the canal’s muddy bottom.  The slide viewer belonged to Mr. Feit.
    • the parish’s priest, the Rev. Joseph O’Brien, told investigators that he noticed fresh scratches on Mr. Feit’s hands when they had coffee late that night.
    • Dale Tacheny, a Trappist monk, said that Mr. Feit confided in him that he had killed a young woman in Texas

More evidence:

Speculation is that the Catholic church knew he committed the murder, and covered it up (Washington Post: Break in ‘unholy’ cold case):

  • Tacheny, the Trappist monk from above, said Feit admitted, “The church protected me, the people in my church, my superiors, protected me.”

This is not unusual at all in the Catholic Church, where child rapists and child murderers are always protected.  Obviously, the Catholic church has always hidden and protected their pedophile priests, as the movie “Spotlight” showed, where the Catholic church hid 271 known pedophile priests in Boston alone.

In Springfield, an hour from Boston, Father Lavigne is the only suspect in the murder of a 13-year-old boy named Danny Croteau, who the priest had been raping regularly. He was also raping dozens of other children. (Source: Boston Globe, A priest, a boy, a mystery)

Fr Fiala from Dallas tried to hire someone to kill his child rape victim (Source:
John Fiala, Ex-Priest, Guilty In Plot To Kill Abuse Accuser).

The Catholic church just hides and protects their criminals, like the devil would do.

Judge Patrick Kiniry helps Catholic church protect pedophile priests

The priest and the bishops in the Catholic Church will always hide and protect their pedophiles, is they have in 100% of cases worldwide.

However, they also get help from devout Catholics in the community, as we saw in the movie “Spotlight”, where Catholic lawyers and police would either help the church with their pedophiles or ignore it.

Judge Patrick Kiniry from Pennsylvania was instrumental in helping the Catholic Church in Altoona, Pennsylvania hide some of their 50 known, proven pedophiles.  Here is a story from AP:

Kiniry was a DA at the time, and knew all of the details about this serial pedophile priest, but help the church get away with it instead of prosecuting him.

The following story, in Philly magazine, makes it clearer that these were not only devout Catholics, but ones that idolized bishops, and would help them get away with the crime of hiding their known pedophile priests.

Note that in Altoona alone, the Catholic Church hid at least 50 pedophile priests, and had 115,042 private documents containing details of the child sex offending priests that they were hiding.

Why hasn’t this judge been indicted, disbarred, and made part of an FBI investigation into hiding this massive child rape crime syndicate in the Catholic Church?

How Catholics lie (& distort truth) about Catholic child sex & little girls

One of the great lies of the Catholic church  is that the Catholic child rape scandal was “homosexuality”.  Don’t kid yourself – they also raped plenty of little girls.

Again, this is promoted in 2014 by “Catholic Answers”, which has a current Facebook following of over 58,000 people.

In their “Myth Busters” blog entry at, they say:

  • Myth:  Pedophile priests have been the problem.
  • Fact:  Homosexual priests have been the problem. Proof: 81 percent of the victims have been male, and more than 95 percent have been postpubescent. When males have sex with postpubescent males, it is called homosexuality.

When priests raped little boys, it wasn’t “homosexuality”.  It was “child rape”.

When priests raped little girls, it wasn’t “heterosexuality”.  It was “child rape”.

It wasn’t “heterosexuality” when  834 priests (in the U.S. alone, according to the Catholic church’s own volunatry John Jay report) committed statutory rape with underage girls.

For example, one of these priests, Fr Cudemo in Philadelphia (according to the Philadelphia Grand Jury report and his own admissions):

  •  ejaculated on the face of a 10 year old girl as she was nude on the ground, and also ejaculated in her mouth (p 142).  Many Catholic will stop reading at this point, but won’t fight for the girl that lived through it.
  • he got a 12 year old girl pregnant and took her for an abortion (p 20)
  • he had a total of 16 victims that they know about
  • even Fr Molloy called him “one of the sickest people I ever knew” (p 19)
  • as Molloy said, this started with complaint letters to Cardinal Krol in 1966, but had happened for years before (p 19)
  • As more and more victims came forward, Cardinal Bevilacqua steadfastly refused to remove Fr. Cudemo as pastor of Saint Callistus parish (p 35)
  • Cudemo was related to at least 2 of the girls he molested (p 133)
  • Cudemo sometimes brought in other priests to rape his victims (p 135)
  • Cudemo sometimes stuck a Eucharist into a young girl’s vagina (p 135)

Quoted from page 143, the admissions to Msgr Lynn in 1991:

“Father Cudemo was interviewed twice in response to his family’s allegations, on October 2 and 3, 1991. Father Cudemo gave a rambling mixture of admissions and denials – stating he “possibly” lay nude on top of an undressed girl; had been confronted by a girl about touching her and performing sexual acts on her, but didn’t remember doing those things and “I remember everything”; that he had “known lots of women and that it always takes two to do these things;” that if sexual activities did occur, they must have happened 20 years ago; that all the girls were willing, and that “nothing close to sexual happened with these girls.” When told his accusers were family, he immediately said their names and talked about having “incidents” with them.”

Thanks to organized protection from the Catholic church, Fr Cudemo never went to prison, and now lives one mile from SeaWorld in Florida, in his early seventies, when pedophiles are still dangerous.

More on Fr Cudemo and other pedophile priests who raped little girls in another blog entry.