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Catholic church admits at least 71 pedo priests in Baltimore

The Catholic church now admits that they hid and protected at least 71 pedophile priests in Baltimore alone.

In 2002, they had temporarily published a list of 57 known pedophile priests, but of course they were lying.   The more recent, more accurate number, as of May 2016, is that the Catholic church hid and protected at least 71 pedophile priests in Baltimore.

At least 11,022 Catholic priests accused of raping children in the US alone


Catholic church produced documents show that at least 11,022 Catholic priests have been accused of raping children in the United States, all in unforgivable defiance of Jesus in Matt 18:6-14.

If you’re looking for excuses instead of victims, the devil loves you.


The Catholic church ADMITTED 4,392 substantiated, accused child sex offending priests in the Catholic church’s own John Jay report of 2004, and that’s just in the US.   No institution in US history is even close.  Of course they lied, and added 6,630 in the USCCB (Catholic Bishops) Schuth report of 2013, Page 10, and that’s just ones they’ve admitted.

Add 4.392 to 6,630 and you get 11,022 child sex offending clery.  Since there were about 100,000 priests over the time of the study, at least 11% of Catholic priests are child sex offenders, and about 60% of those are literally “pedophiles”.

Three issues:

  • These numbers are definitely under-reported.  Catholics make sure that victims aren’t believed, and are humiliated, and most of them won’t come forward.  Most are suicidal anyways, and can’t handle the ridicule.
  • Most of these pedophile priests raped multiple children, and many raped over 100 children
  • The Schuth report does not indicate whether there is overlap between the two numbers, i.e. the 4,392 from the John Jay report and the 6,630 from the Schuth report
  • These are based on accusations.  There is almost never proof of child rape, since all Catholic priests lie about it (unless the Statute Of Limitations has expired), and no one saw them do it, and priests that they “confess” their child rapes to never report it.

No institution is anywhere close, but Catholics will distort the truth to claim it is, usually using “estimates”, “extrapolations”, and guesses.  In other words, just made up numbers.

If you want to “extrapolate”, extrapolate from Boston, where at least 271 out of 1500 priests were pedophiles, so, through extrapolation, 18% of all Catholic priests are pedophiles.

Current count of Catholic pedophile priests found in Boston: 278

In the movie “Spotlight”, journalists from the Boston Globe knew that there was one pedophile priest that the Catholic church had been hiding.

As they investigated, the number jumped to 4, then 13, then 70.  By the end of the film, it was 249, but the number has gone up since then.

278 known Catholic pedophile priests, 18.5% of the 1500 Boston priests

The current number of known Catholic pedophile priests in Boston over the last 50 years is 278, larger than any other institution in any city in American history, by far

and that only includes the ones that the Catholic church admitted.  There are definitely more that we don’t know about because:

  • the victims never came forward
  • Catholic priests have obviously never voluntarily told the truth about it

You find out the actual number when you die.





Catholic Priest admits child rapes in 1962, church hides docs for 50 years

In another typical story of Catholic pedophile priests, the Catholic church knew that Father Michael Cody in Seattle admitted that “he has molested at least eight girls twelve years of age or younger” in 1962.  SO the Catholic church hide the documentation, set the priest free to rape more children, and he raped at lest 8 more young girls between 1968 and 1975.

When did the Catholic church admit they had documentation about it?  Over FIFTY years later.

More facts:

  • he wasn’t “defrocked” until 2005
  • he died in 2015
  • By 1988, he is estimated to have raped at least 40 girls and one boy
  • he never served a day in jail, thanks to the Catholic church

More at Washington Post Fr Cody, Seattle pedophile priest

Former Catholic priest trainee arrested for attempted baby rape

Not surprised, are you?   In February of 2016, Joel Wright, a former Catholic seminarian, training to be a Catholic priest, was caught by Federal investigators trying to purchase a Mexican baby, under 3 years old, to rape.

He was caught by federal investigators, and was on his way to Tijuana with $2,000 in cash and baby clothes when he was arrested.  He had also tried to adopt a baby in 2014.

More details at “Former Catholic seminarian tries to purchase Mexican baby for sex”

Where would he get such an idea, and who would help him with it?  He was in the Catholic seminary in the months before he left.

It is not uncommon at all for Catholic priests to rape children under 3 years old, and for the church to hide and protect them when they know about it.

The Catholic John Jay report of 2004 shows that the Catholic church found at least 37 cases of priests having sex with children 3 years and under, although the number is probably much higher, since children that age can’t talk about it, and these 37 baby rapists were presumably caught in the act.

If this guy was in the seminary, he may have been surrounded by others.  It’s very likely that there are more victims, and more priests that know about it or that are involved.

Remember, the movie “Spotlight” showed that the Boston Globe found out that the Catholic church had 1 pedophile priest, Fr Geoghan, and when they investigated, found they were hiding at least 271 Catholic pedophile priests in Boston alone, an 18% pedo ratio.

Another high profile baby pedophile priest in the Catholic Church was Father Ratigan last year, documented here. 

Catholic “confession”, a key component of rampant child rape

Catholic “confession” is a sacrament, which means it was invented by Catholics.  It was not created by Jesus, and is a ridiculous extrapolation of things Jesus said.  A more detailed explanation of the Catholic invention of confession is shown here.

Confession was a key ingredient in the Catholic child rape scandal:

  • it gave every priest instant forgiveness for every child rape
  • priest hearing the confession now got the idea that raping children was ok
    • this allowed the idea to pass from priest to priest
  • priest heard so many confessions of child rape, they assumed that everyone was doing it
  • priests could not tell anyone about the priests that they knew were serial child rapists

However, Jesus said child rape was unforgivable in Matt 18:6-14, and that you should punish every pedophile and find every victim, and the Catholic church did the exact opposite, instead loving their invention of confession, which allowed them to get way with evil.

Catholic “confession”, a Catholic invention, NOT created by Jesus

Catholic “confession” is a sacrament, which means it was invented by Catholics.  It was not created by Jesus, and is a ridiculous extrapolation of things Jesus said.

Jesus said in John 20:23 that “Those sins you forgive are forgiven, and those sins you don’t forgive aren’t forgiven”.   He was talking to the apostles and everyone in the that room, which probably including Mary Magdalene, who brought Jesus to the apostles after He rose from the dead.

What Jesus meant isn’t 100% clear.  Catholics extrapolated that to mean that this would apply to all Catholic priests forever, since Jesus passed control of the church to Peter, who Catholics call the first “pope”, and they think all priests forever also get the power of confession that the apostles did.  In addition, priests are the only ones that could administer forgiveness, through their invention of confession, for the rest of time.

The rules of confession are sinister:

  • you confess your sins regardless of how evil
  • you do not have to help the people that you harmed
  • you are forgiven
  • the priest you told the confession to can’t tell anyone

In other words, if you rape a child, and cause a lifetime of psychological damage, you’re clear in 15 minutes.
This is in brutal defiance of Jesus, as you would expect, if you have any kind of personal relationship with Jesus.

Note that the 2nd part of John 20:23 makes it clear that some sin’s aren’t forgiven, and in Matt 18:6, Jesus says harming children is not forgiven.  The Catholic invention of confession brutally defies this.  Jesus is more clear in Matt 18:6-14, where He then goes on to say that you should find every victim and get them help.  Catholic priests and followers never did that at all.

Believe what you want about confession, but it is an invention that allows people to get away with pure evil with no accountability, and it is the reason the whole Catholic church can get away with rampant child rape, in unforgivable defiance of Jesus in Matt 18:6-14.  It looks like an invention of the devil, allowing you to get away with pure evil in a 15 minute ceremony.

Feel free to ask any Catholic the “Hitler” question: “If Hitler, after killing 6.2 million Jews, and destroying millions of families, homes, and property, did a confession 15 minutes before he died, would he go to heaven?”

Catholics will robotically nod yes, qualifying it with the fact that he would have to truly be sorry.  Hitler, forgiven, in 15 minutes, and off to heaven.

Another belief

In John 20:23, when Jesus was talking to everyone in the room, He may have meant that if someone sins against you, YOU get to decide if they are forgiven, not a 3rd party.  And if someone sins against you, they must ask forgiveness from YOU.

However, Catholic priests took this power for themselves, and used to charge money for confession.

Catholic pedophile priest protected until 2015, Fr Ratigan

A recent high profile pedophile priest in the Catholic Church was Father Ratigan in 2015.  He had pictures on his computer of a staged striptease of a two-year-old girl out of a diaper, with an open crotch shot at the end.  When you hear the Catholic version of the truth, they tell you that it was a relative who was running around naked,

The truth, later revealed in the Graves report, page 90, was that

  • it was not a relative
  • it was an elaborate, staged strip tease
  • in the last shots, she had open crotch shots, until “her genitals were fully exposed”.

Ratigan was also known for looking up little girls skirts, and playing games with them where they would touch him or he would touch them.  Because his target age was so young, it is not known how many victims suffered further damage.

When his bishop, Bishop Finn, heard about it, he said “Boys will be boys”, according to sworn testimony.  Finn then hid him for 6 months until he was found hanging around children again.

The Catholic church then spent $1.4 million in legal fees to keep Bishop Finn out of jail for hiding this known pedophile priest.  “It also spent nearly $2 million in legal fees for civil sex abuse lawsuits, including $287,000 on four suits against the diocese involving Ratigan”, according to the Valenti report, reported int he Kansas City Star.

The Catholic John Jay report of 2004 shows that the Catholic church found at least 37 cases of priests having sex with children 3 years and under, although the number is probably much higher, since children that age can’t talk about it, and these 37 baby rapists were presumably caught in the act.

Catholic Priest rapes a DOG, and 22 children

You’re not surprised, are you?  Catholic priests also rape animals, but this guy was actually caught.

As shown in this article, where the Catholic Church hid and protected a priest named Father DeJaeger, a Catholic priest was convicted of raping a dog, 12 boys, and 10 girls.

Remember, this wasn’t just one freak acting alone.  The Catholic Church hid and protected him for 35 years before he was finally convicted.  The article is worth reading to see the types of things that these Catholic priests do, but more importantly, the types of things that the Catholic Church will tolerate of their priests, since he “confessed” every single one of his rapes to at least one other priest.

Some of his techniques included:

  • dangling food in front of hungry children as allure
  • threatening them with hellfire
  • threatening to separate children from their families if they told anyone

Catholics will immediately defend the church, of course, and claimed that this was the only case of its kind.

However, if you read the internal document Crimen sollicitationis, which makes provisions for hiding pedophile priests and silencing the victims, it also makes a special provision for sex with animals.  The document has been around since 1922, so there are enough priests caught having sex with animals that they had to put in this provision.

It essentially says that for the protection of the church, no matter who or what a priest has sex with, everyone must remain silent, using a phrase that would make any non-Catholic-priest puke:

  • “any perpetrated or attempted externally obscene act with pre-adolescent children or brute animals”

In other words, this certainly wasn’t one of the 1st priests to be caught raping an animal.  Not only that, you have to imagine that anyone who does rape an animal makes a concerted effort not to get caught, so this priest and others that rape animals probably raped a lot of them, and never got caught.

Tip: keep your animals away from Catholic priests, and you are ready knew to keep your children away from them.

Father Gordon Macrae, convicted, self-admitted pedophile priest

Father Gordon MacRae is a convicted child sex offending priest in the Catholic Church, but he still has a legion of loyal followers, despite being a self admitted child sex offender, and has a blog from prison called “These stone walls”, which actually has regular daily followers.  In fact, despite the fact that he has admitted sex with children, followers are trying to cast doubts as to whether his current conviction should be upheld.

Here are critical facts that any normal person would want to know about Father McRae, with substantiating sites:

  • from the Sentinal Source Newspaper article about Catholic pedophile priest, Father McRae:
    • in jail for 33-67 years, convicted of sexually abusing one child
    • pleaded GUILTY to sexually abusing 3 others
  • From the Union Leader newspaper about Catholic pedophile priest, Father McRae:
    • pleaded GUILTY to sexually abusing 3 others
    • was accused of sexual abuse by at least 7 (seven) more
    • Before, during and after the 1983 abuse in Hampton, MacRae was molesting three brothers in Keene, whom he befriended while in the seminary in 1979, when the boys were 10, 11 and 14, according to the attorney general’s report.
      • That abuse, … involved fondling, fellatio and sodomy
    • MacRae also admitted to abusing a fourth boy in the St. Bernard rectory in 1987
  • Damning evidence, from the detailed court reports, including his admission of child rape to an evaluating psychologist, about Catholic pedophile priest, Father McRae:
    •  in Dr Guertin-Ouellette’s psych eval in 1988, he said “Father MacRae reported several inappropriate sexual encounters with adolescents.  Although he experiences intense shame and guilt for the behavior, he indicated that he does not feel in control of such behavior.” Page 147
    • A second therapist at Strafford Guidance reached similar conclusions in February 1989: Mr. MacRae appears to fit the description of a fixated sexual offender, a man who has a primary sexual interest in children, usually males, …” Page 148
    • Quinn indicated that he was notified by Dr. GuertinOuellette and Judy Patterson from Catholic Charities that MacRae had “sexually abused two minor males” in Hampton during the past summer. (B3043), Page 132
    • psychological profile that says “Gordon has an unresolved problem of sexual identification as heterosexual adjustment is conceived of as threatening and dangerous.” (B3023-24), Page 130
    • MacRae pled guilty to endangering the welfare of a child in November 1988, as a result of another incident in which MacRae verbally solicited a 14-year-old boy to engage in sexual conduct. (B3328; B8695-96), Page 129
    • pleaded guilty to offering to paying a boy for sex in 1988, and the jurors that convicted him didn’t even know this (Gordon MacRae arrested, November 1988, pleaded guilty, offering to pay a child for sex)
    • spent time in known pedophile priest treatment centers (centers hidden by the church)
    • Prior to this incident, the Diocese was aware that MacRae had engaged in inappropriate sexual contact by kissing and hugging a minor in November 1983. (B3037), Page 129

The main point of the followers trying to get this admitted child sex offender out of jail is that the victim has allegedly said that he was lying about the charges.  However, child rape is humiliating, and there is no legal requirement that the victim has to tell anyone about what happened outside a courtroom.

If it happened to you, how much would you describe being raped by a Catholic priest to your friends?

And if Father Macrae admitted having sex with multiple other children, and pleaded guilty to 3 others, he should be in jail.  He should just change his name to Father Macrape.