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Catholic pedo priest Fr Larson raped 17 children, 5 committed suicide

Catholic pedophile priest Fr Larson raped at least 17 children in the Kansas City area, and at least 5 committed suicide.  Eric Patterson, Gilbert Rodriguez, Paul Tafolla, Bobby Thompson, and Daniel Romey lie in rural graveyards today.  All of them ended their lives by gunshots, drugs, or in an invisible cloud of odorless gas.

Most victims of child rape by Catholic pedophile priests are suicidal at some point in their lives.

Are Catholics trying to find and help other victims, including ones other than the 17 that we know about?  Of course not, despite the fact that Jesus said in Matt 18:10-14 that you should find every sheep that leaves the flock.

Did Catholics punish Fr Larson?  Of course not.  After he spent 5 years in jail (after being defended by a church-paid lawyer), Fr Larson lived out a comfortable retirement at the St John Vianney Center in Missouri, paid by Catholics.