Catholic church is Babylon, and “the beast” from the Book Of Revelation

The Book Of Revelation talks of Babylon, a filthy rich institution of filthy sexual practices.  It is on the city of 7 hills, which is Rome, where the Vatican is (Ch 17:9), so Babylon may be the Catholic church itself.

Revelation talks of the filthy riches of the Catholic church, she in purple and gold, favorite colors of Pope Benedict especially, decked with gold and precious stones and pearls (Ch 17:4).My Site

One interpretation is that the 144,000 are Catholic child rape victims, who are blameless (Ch 14:4).

Rev 16:9, where the Catholics “blasphemed” God, and “repented not of their deeds”, as the Catholic church has never repented for their rampant child rapes, or their filthy riches.

Ch 14 talks about the fate of those who worship the beast (which may be the Catholic church itself), instead of God’s church.

And in Rev 18:21, a mighty angel throws the Catholic church & its followers into the sea, using a millstone, which is a specific reference to Matt 18:6, and the child rape that the Catholic church committed, then concealed, then condoned.

2 thoughts on “Catholic church is Babylon, and “the beast” from the Book Of Revelation

  1. NO the Roman Catholic Church is NOT the Beast of Revelation. You DO NOT HAVE EYES TO SEE NOR EARS TO HEAR GOD’s PROPHETIC WORD. I doubt you have much ability to read the Bible -SORRY!!!! and are misleading many -you know where that leads to !!! .Maranatha ….Messinic Jew.

  2. The Scarlet BEAST sadly is ISRAEL[my country of origin -my family]who murdered GOD’s MESSIAH SON -the blood is on it [Matt 27;25] their current king is 666 by his old Hebrew Gematria name /number & WAS [1996] the 8th head [7th fatally wounded-RABIN] the Little Horn/Son meaning Bibi . who WAS NOT 1999 & WAS AGAIN 2009 having trod 3 kings returnedwithout te honor of kingship[Livni wins election. Israel where Jesus ‘s last two witnesses will be murdered outside his ABYSS [Rev11;7] Synagogue [Ezekiel 8] under the Dome of the Rock JERUSALEM -the Great Harlot Babylon…….Pray for the remnant to be saved …Maranatha .Messianic Jew..there have been two truly evil religious institutions in this world – the SANHEDRIN & Roman Catholic Church; which is more evil?.

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