Catholics fight for “religious liberty”, but they already have it

Catholics are fighting the US Government for “religious liberty”, and getting their followers to whine along with them.

They already have religious liberty, but what they want is to shove their religion down everyone else’s throat.  NO ONE is stopping Catholics from the freedom to do what they want to do to themselves or for themselves.  However, some US laws are forcing Catholics to do things for others, in their hospitals and businesses (all of which are either federally funded or tax exempt), that Catholics don’t want to do.

The main issues that they are fighting, all of which are legal according to the laws of the United States, are:

  • gay marriage
  • abortion
  • birth control

If you run a federally funded business, or a tax exempt one (which is implicitly federally funded), then you must provide the legal services that other organizations provide.  If you don’t want to, you have the freedom to get out of that business.

However, all of these things that Catholics are fighting for distract them from the fact that they rand the largest organized child rape crime syndicate in US history.

Muslims have liberty to practice their religion, but if they want to run a hospital, they don’t get to say women can’t get health care without a burka on.  God Bless America.

Great article on “Religious Freedom – 10 questions”

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